Drawing Promises

"Every child is an artist. 
The problem is how to remain an artist 
once he grows up."
Pablo Picasso

Lemon Tree

"I'm wasting my time
I got nothing to do
I'm hanging around
I'm waiting for you
But nothing happens and I wonder."
The Beatles

Pools of Love

"Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss...
What is great in man is that he is the bridge and not an end:
what can be loved in man is that he is an overture and a going under."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Peace Signs

"I walk slowly because I already had haste
I carry this smile because I cried so much
(...) I only take the certainty of the very little I know
I know nothing."
Almir Sater

Stop 2 Stare

"He stepped down, avoiding any long look at her as one avoids long looks at the sun,
but seeing her as one sees the sun, without looking."
Leo Tolstoy

Cardiac & Melancholic

"Love knocks on the door
Love knocks in the aorta,
I opened it and got a cold."
Carlos Drummond de Andrade


"She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with.
Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I'd like to make love to."
Jarod Kintz