Wash:ing Away

"I miss you. But it doesn't cost me to suffer, compared to what I suffered when you were here with me,
 lying on my shoulder, dreaming your dreams, clung to me, my love, my love burning in my heart, setting fire to my quiet, 
I loved you that much, as the terror and the certainty of losing you."
Miguel Esteves Cardoso

Hands end in Secret

"Cold hands, warm heart. A common saying to many countries, 
which shows that stupidity is universal."

Sweat, Blood and Sorrow

"Some folks call her a runaway. A failure in the race.
But she knows where her ticket takes her. 
She will find her place in the sun."
Tracy Chapman


"He slept while she was lost in nightmares and 
so they met in nobody's land."
Isabel Allende

City of the Beasts

"I didn't trust the kindness in my heart. 
I had fought a lifetime against the rage that have been thickened its blood 
and made it burst into unstoppable explosions."
Isabel Allende


"I always like walking in the rain,
so no one can see me crying."
Charlie Chaplin

The World

"I've learned that opportunities are never lost;
Someone will take the ones you miss."
William Shakespear