"There are no rules.
All men are the exception to a rule that does not exist."
Fernando Pessoa

Skip a Step or Two

"Life is short.
Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly."
Paulo Coelho

Song from Myself

"A morning glory at my window satisfies me more 
than the metaphysics of books."
Walt Whitman


"Time bares it away, and it the end there is only darkness.
Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometimes we lose them there again."
Stephen King


"O happy dagger! This is thy sheat;
There's rust, 
and let me die."
William Shakespear


“To country people Cows are mild,
And flee from any stick they throw;
But I’m a timid town bred child,
And all the cattle seem to know.” 
T.S. Eliot


"I don't ask you for your love; give me yourself and your hartred; 
give me yourself and that pretty rage; give me yourself and that enchanting scorn;
it will be enough for me."
Charles Dickens


"Kiss by kiss I cover your tiny infinity,
your margins, your rivers, your diminutive villages,
and a genital fire transformed by delight
slips through the narrow channels of blood
to precipitate a nocturnal carnation,
to be and only to be nothing but in the shadow of a lightning."
Pablo Neruda


"The reflections of heaven on earth are unlimited and imperfect as the incomplete existences that inhabit it."
Almeida Garrett

A Little While

"And from the midst of cheerless gloom
I passed to bright unclouded day."
Emily Bronte

Tunes to Carry

"I don't think you should leave this life without knowing how far you can go."
Paulo Coelho


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"Life doesn't imitate art,
it imitates bad television."
Woody Allen